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i love how your Dirk wig looks! it looks so natural and really neat at that! uwu

ahh thanks a bunch. I’m trying to work on wig styling more and lately ive been overstyling my wigs and it just look weird.

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Its been awhile. Heres a homestuck cosplay revisit selfie.



So yeah i havent done a giveaway for a while now so here it goes yeah.

This is celebration for 630+ followers on my main blog

170+ on Crafts and Cosplay (this one)

and 30+ on my art blog

What you will get:

  • 1 (one) pair of Homestuck Cosplay horns. (not including larger horns i.e tavros + aradia)
  • yeah thats about it


  • Reblogs and likes count (no limit i guess whatever i dont care your followers do though)
  • Followers get something special if they win so yeah fun times (follows on any of my blogs)
  • us only whoops or just pay for shipping or something if out of the us

If you win:

  • ASK BOX OPEN please thank
  • I will ask you how you want them attached (i.e screws, hot glue, wire, or hairclips)

GIVEAWAY ENDS: OCTOBER 22ND (date subject to change)

you NUMB NUTS this giveaway ended TWO YEARS AGO.



Casual stairwell photos.



Teaching Jade the fusion dance. Photos by zchr.

still dont know the whole thing

hey~! i saw your Giveaway thing and kiiinda wanted to buy a pair of horns, REALLY badly...uhm! yeah, lol i was wondering if you could help me understand the differences between the gradients and non gradiented-ed-ed-ed horns?


"Block Colors" / Non Gradiented-ed-ed-ed

(source: takisiski)

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Hay I was wondering how u made them awesome horns and if u have made a tutorial. If you have could u please send me a link or if u used one please :D ( mine broke recently at a con so need to make some awesome new ones and urs look so awesome!)

dang it happened finally

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literally no one gives a shit about yoshi


I imagine Princess Zelda would not sit quietly while her castle was overrun by baddies. She would shoot them, duh. 

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how was your trip to minnesota

The trip itself was alright. first time driving for 6 hours and it made me realize exactly how much i hate Wisconsin. Right when we crossed the border into Minnesota, it started to snow.

I visited MCAD, where i plan to go to school next year (where you’re sending this ask from, I believe.) and I really enjoy the school. It’s small and great wow.

Friday we went to the con. It was pretty fun but we ran out of things to do almost immediately. But I did get to meet some people from MCAD and they were really amazing and fun to be around. I love meeting new people which is why going to out of state cons is always a fun experience. Also I got lots of compliments on my scissor blade and my sanageyama cosplay. 

Saturday, imploder and I wore our fancy dreamers again so that meant greying up once more for me. But I’d say the highlight of the day was going to the Caravan Palace concert. It was my first concert and I was really excited to see them live! We got back around 10:30 so I just missed the homestuck panel, where all of my hotel-mates were. I ended up cleaning up the hotel, packing my car to leave the next day, and wandering the hotel, counting how many rooms there were in the hotel (271). On my very interesting journey walking through every floor of the hotel that looks exactly the same, I came across a very thick brown wallet in the 5th floor stairwell. It had $36 all in singles and belonged to a 56 yr old man. Turned it into the front desk.

Sunday I woke up earlier than the past two mornings because I wanted to get to the con and get last minute things and leave on-time for the 6 hour drive back. Sunday was really nice out and wasn’t too windy. We ended up going out to eat for breakfast/lunch at IHOP with a bunch of friends from the area and said our goodbyes. Hoping I would get energy from food, I thought i would feel awake enough to drive 6 hours back to Illinois, but 10 minutes in the drive I found it difficult to keep my eyes open. (and falling asleep is something i really can’t do again, knowing my history.) I ended up having to eat all of the snacks and drink all of the water in the car to stay awake. About 4 out of the 6 hours were spent trying to stay awake. (I actually hurt my eyebrow muscles from trying to keep my eyes open…)

We got back around 9 and I immediately fell asleep. I was so tired today after the drive back I took 4 naps, 2 in school.

But I’d say the trip overall was really fun and I’m glad I got to meet new people and see some for the first time after ACEN last year!

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My poster wall is pretty much full now with the addition of the Asuka, Mirai, and Ryuko print in the bottom corner


Images from Gurren Lagann BD Boxset (3/3)

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