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Hyrule Warriors - Impa’s Glaive

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A,K & L

A. Why my last relationship ended

  • b/c they really couldn’t handle being in a relationship at the time

K. Relationship with my parents

  • Mom: decent, though i try to avoid her sometimes bc i get yelled at for stuff mostly my fault
  • Stepdad: hes lame and racist

L. One of my insecurities

  • probably my face shape and features but shoulders/hips are a close second. oh and voice. voice is a big one.
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Kanji’s response to Akihiko’s beautiful muscles.

Happy Birthday, Yen’fay.
You keep on smiling, champ.

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I’m liking Aradia more and more each time I draw her.

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coollnerd replied to your photo: “I finally got them after so long”:
what about tiki

pretty sure this counts

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I finally got them after so long

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pros: cons

cons: pros

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at least the one thing good about my long iwatobi jacket is that i can go downstairs without having to wear pants


Fire Emblem: Awakening Summer and Hot-Spring Scramble Portraits

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do not snapchat with people kumashiro
they will meme on you
and when they stop 
you will finally understand, 
why storms are named after people

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