So i just caught this fucker crawling on my arm in my bed in the dark. I was just laying here talking to my friend and i kept feeling this tickle but you always kinda feel those at night when youre in bed because your hair is like touching the blanket or something. This went on for a while until i saw this asslicker come into the light of the laptop and i flip my shit because spiders are really scary especially at night i mean who knows how long it was on me for.

So i turn on the light and cry on my bed for a bit because that shithead is still on my bed with its broken legs. I calm down for a bit and turn off the light after i remove its dying body off of my bed and into the trash. I get back into bed for a bit telling my friend basically incomprehensible keyboard smashes and i just see this really tiny spider come down from the ceiling in front of me and i just fucking quit

im tired of these god damn spiders in this god damn room.

3:43am · Friday, June 7th, 2013 · 34 notes
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    My ideal apartment will be a perfect rectangle, with no furnishing, and white painted walls, so that I can see...
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    I woke up to a spider crawling on my face once.I’ve never been more terrified.I didn’t sleep in my bed for a week.I know...
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  9. mage-of-spooky said: I was on the computer with my ma watching Hannibal, and I felt a tickle on my hand, I thought it was my skirt, but I looked down and it was a fuckin cockroach. I ran into the kitchen screaming, and stood in the other room to finish my show.
  10. holmes-locked said: That’s fucking disturbing. Thanks tho, anything I feel on me now I have to look and make sure it’s not a bitch ass spider.
  11. angrymuggle said: aww :(
  12. hurk said: i am so sorry
  13. stuckonvantas said: omg I hate spiders tooo
  14. numaardryunt said: I’m sitting here reading this, and all of a sudden i feel something very lightly touching my thigh and i about flipped my shit, only to find out its my phone. xD
  15. ashenhartkrie said: *bite and hurt like a bitch. I’ve been bitten by one. -is a little sad that you’ve killed it-
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